DOMESTIC DOGS: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

The German Shepherd is a German working dog whose roots are grazing dogs and farms. He is a relatively tall, tall-haired dog with a color ranging from white or gray to pale black and often gray and black. The German shepherd is well known for his intelligence and vigilance, as well as for being a guide for the blind and a guard. He also works with police and military operations.

Labrador: is a large-sized sports dog with unknown ambiguities, which may be black, yellow or brown. This type of dog is acquired to hunt waterbirds and wild birds, and it is characterized by its loyalty and its disposition, which makes it popular among people

Poodle: The poodle is believed to have German breeds but is very much associated with France because it is very popular in it, and it is acquired, for example, to work in the circus or for truffles and other things.

Beagles are small, often black or white, dog breeds. The dog remained for centuries in England until it was introduced to the United States in 1870. This type of dog is acquired for many purposes, including hunting, such as a pet

Chihuahua: It is one of the smallest recognized dog breeds in the world. It was named for the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It was first observed in the mid-19th century. The Chihuahua has a round head, large ears.

Tips on how to take care of pet dogs

Training: Dogs need to exercise to burn calories and to stimulate and to maintain their health, and the need for dogs for these exercises vary by sex, age, and health level.

Care: Keep the dog clean and check for fleas not to be found daily, especially during hot weather, in addition to it must be customized with private soap and clean teeth also.

Constipation of the dog: You should know the proper way to hold and carry the dog, especially if they are dragged, then start holding the neck, legs or tail.

Appropriate accommodation: The dog needs a warm, quiet and safe place to live in, and it is preferable to keep his house clean and wash his pillow and blanket constantly, and we must provide him with all the amenities

Dog Food

Dried food is the best food for dogs and should be of high quality. It is considered a balanced diet and is served by mixing it with water or with other canned foods. Some dogs may enjoy eating cooked eggs, cheese or fruits and vegetables, but these foods should not More than 10 percent of his daily intake of food.

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