Everything You Wanted to Know About DOGS and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

The dog is a friend of man and is characterized by his loyalty to him and for his ability to remember the owner even after a long break, so it is important to know his types and uses

Dogs are meat-eating animals, including wolves, wolves, foxes, and jackals in western countries who are known to be interested in their favorite breeds of dogs, such as The German Shepherd and the Poodle, but hundreds of breeds of dogs have been hybridized through the mating process for each breed of dogs. Special ability for certain physical traits. For example, the Chow has a black tongue, but the only dog ​​that can not bark is the Bazanji dog and its original origin in Africa. The dogs are small in size, and the Shihawe is the smallest breed, weighing about 2 kg and 13 cm high at the shoulder.

The most common uses of dogs : There are many uses for dogs provided to humans, including the following: – Hunting dogs: This type of dogs to chase prey, the dogs are compiled to suit this work, and are trained in nature, and trained some of them to follow the prey and make sure Of the presence and follow the sense of smell strong, and the second section is to attack the prey with the hunters and begin to fire to hunt, and after the hunt, the fishermen send dogs to catch prey

Guard dogs: The spread of this type of dogs in ancient times, they use in guarding their homes and property, but now the use of guard dogs has decreased at the present time as a result of the development and existence of sophisticated devices that play this role

Shepherd dogs: These dogs are used by shepherds who own a herd of sheep, sheep or other animals. The dogs are protected and directed, including Belgian dogs.

Police dogs: These dogs are the police’s specialty ‘as they search for this breed of dogs and train and train them to help them in their work in the elimination of crimes and those who seek to create them.

the different types of dogs

There are many dogs whose breeds are pure means an authentic hybrid did not hybridize. Different breeds are called hybrids. This means that they do not belong to the same breed as their parents. Hybrid (multicolored) is a dog whose predecessors are diverse and can not be distinguished from anyone. Different, and has many advantages including:

Great Dan dog: Located in Germany, a kind of dog used to guard the large size and strength

Malino: A Belgian dog of guard dogs, he is brave and strong

Burgundy dog: German dog of guard dogs brave and strong.

Dog Paul Mastiff: A British origin, a very fierce and cruel and powerful dog.
Doberman: He is an intelligent German dog who is very aggressive in front of those who are not familiar with him, obedient to his friend and Savior.
ROTHERWALER: He is a strong, fierce and stubborn German dog who is considered a guard dog
A dog called Ouftcharka origin Rossi is multicolored and its size is very large and very fierce and is considered a guard dogs.
Bit Bull This dog is violent and very cruel and is deadly dogs, and prevents its presence from endangering people.

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