Are You Embarrassed By Your PREGNANCY DOGS Skills? Here’s What To Do

The female dog can be reached after the ninth month of her birth, so that she will be ready and ready for marriage and pregnancy, and the date of fertilization will be at a seventh of menstruation, and the dog breeders can collect the female dog with the male for the purpose of pregnancy by placing them in a single fold, Between 15 and 20 minutes and are kept away from each other and repeated this operation three times a day

A female dog can be born on any day between these two days. There is no laboratory test or blood test to determine the presence of pregnancy or not in the female dog. That it can be detected easily and at a rate of success of 85%, and through the abdomen of the female dog between the twenty-fifth and thirty-fifth day of pregnancy, and X-ray revealed the presence of pregnancy after 45 days of pregnancy with a success rate of 95%.

Signs of pregnancy in dogs

A female pregnancy shows a number of changes that indicate pregnancy and can be divided into two types:

-Physiological changes: An increase in the weight of the pregnant female can be observed after the fifth week of pregnancy, and abdominal size may be observed. After the 35th day of pregnancy, the size of the lactic glands increases and continues to increase until the forty-fifth day of pregnancy. , And before the date of delivery in days, the white glands begin to secrete the milk on which the puppies will be fed.

-Behavioral Changes These changes begin to appear during the last weeks of pregnancy. The female dog prefers to retire during the last days of pregnancy, showing signs of anxiety and discomfort, and begins preparing for the birth by building her own nest.

Feeding dogs during pregnancy

In the first four weeks, attention must be given to the sources of natural protein, such as eggs and red meat, with a focus on doubling the amount of food given to them during the remaining weeks of the pregnancy. Pregnancy, and provide her clean drinking water permanently.

Obstetrics difficulties in female dogs

It is important to transfer it immediately to the veterinarian. This can be determined if the child is born and continues for more than half an hour without the embryo coming out, or the presence of an embryo in the womb of the female dog after several hours of birth

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