Get Better DOGS BREEDING Results By Following 5 Simple Steps

Provide essential dog supplies

Dog breeding can be provided by providing the necessary basic supplies, including the neck collar that identifies the dog, food and water containers, chewing toys, a sleeping space, and well-prepared dog-related expenses, by creating a special budget And comply with them

Keep your dog healthy

Dogs can be raised better at home by maintaining their health by offering them to a veterinarian. Dogs, especially puppies, must be offered to the veterinarian during the first six months of life to obtain basic sterilization vaccines, Any potential health problems for the dog, and thus better care for it

Providing the right food

Dogs are affected by the type of food they are given, so their food should be carefully and appropriately selected, especially those that are intended for them. The American Dietitians Association recommends that dog food data be checked and met with special dietary requirements, ensuring fresh and abundant water at all times, And can be fed to dogs several times a day according to age by following points

-Dogs aged 6-12 weeks need four meals a day

-Dogs aged 3-6 months need three meals a day

-Dogs aged 6-12 months, need two servings daily.

Train the dog to obey orders

You can train your dog to obey the voice commands to improve his behavior, so you can start these exercises by making the sessions as short as the beginning of about five minutes, then choose one command each time it is taught, then move on to other commands, “Or” stopped “

Train the dog to not bite

The dog should be trained and trained to avoid biting, because dogs, especially small puppies, start to explore things around them through their mouths, so they will try to bite and chew everything they see, so they should tell them not to bite and give them a chewing game. Finger, for example.

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