Where Is The Best PRICE OF DOGS?

Many people love the acquisition of animals, some of them like to have at their home or farm types of birds, and there are those who prefer horses, and those who love cats, and others prefer a certain kind of dogs, and we will talk in this article about some types of dogs that people prefer to buy them, Their prices and features.

German Shepherd This kind of pure breed, which is hybrid, and this dog is loyal and spread large and easy to deal with and does not need to suffer in training, and the prices of this dog between 300 to 500$

Doberman Pinscher As for this type of dogs ornamental, these dogs, in general, are characterized by its size and small, and the prices range between 200 to 700 JD, depending on the type. This is one of the most famous and lively pet dogs, an intelligent dog that many people like and starts at 300 and up to 700$

Husky This type of dog enjoys a high activity. It is also characterized by a low bark, which is preferred for hunting purposes, is characterized as stubborn, and requires continuous training, while its price is 300 to 700$

Rottweiler These dogs have a strong structure and are not used for guarding unless trained well, and their prices range depending on their age, and start from 700 to 1100 $.

Mastiff This dog can smell distinctive smells, and the movement is quick and used for hunting and the price of the puppy from it to 1000 $

Great Dane is a dog with its huge body, which is cute and used for hunting and hunting and is a difficult training, and the puppy price of it is 1500 $.

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