INCREDIBLE STORY : Cat homeless… From the street to the title of Miss cats

In the last two decades, the Cat Beauty Competition was established in Ankara, Turkey, As well as in the Turkish state of Wan and other cities throughout the country.

The jury assesses the cat beauty competitions by evaluating the participating cats by focusing on the most important aesthetic features, especially: eyes, fur, tail, cat behavior, a method of walking on the podium, and his polite behavior with his cats.
The Turks, especially women, are particularly interested in adopting homeless cats and taking care of them so much that they are transformed into domestic pet cats so beautiful and elegant that it is impossible to imagine how they were before. They are homeless beggars in the streets looking for food eaten between garbage or kebab restaurants Spread throughout Turkey. The aim of these competitions in the cities of Turkey is to encourage citizens to compassionate animals and encourage them to embrace and care for displaced cats.

One of these cats was very lucky:
Where the state of «Wan» in eastern Turkey, on Saturday, March 31, a competition to choose the most beautiful cat from the state’s cats.
The rare “One” cats are distinguished by one eye color in yellow, the other with blue, the beauty of their fur, and being the only kind of cat who likes to play in the water.
The competition was organized for the third year in a row by the University of Wan Yuzungo Yil, with the support of the city’s municipality. It has received great attention from Iranian tourists visiting the border state with their country on the occasion of the holiday of Nowruz and has also attracted the attention of Arab and foreign tourists.

“The aim of the competition is to introduce and draw attention to this type of cat since all cats are beautiful and none of them is ever ugly,” said Abdullah Qaya, director of the University’s Cat Research Center.
The winner of the first place won a gold lira, and her second place took half the gold lira and the third one gold lira.
Yasmin Ozdemir, the winner of the first-place cat, said she picked up her cat from the street five months ago and looked after her, and was pleased with the interest she received in the state of Wan.
The news of the win of this attractive cartoon cat won the trend and the media, and some women wished their comments to buy a cat with its beauty.

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