Chris Arsenault, 58, lives with 300 cats in a luxurious life, providing her with hammocks and all comforts, as well as grilled chicken meals.

It is not Chris’s reason to live with cats because he is an isolated animal who loves loneliness or sees in these animals that he will provide him with a different atmosphere. He has another reason for a deep background associated with a painful memory.

Chris decided to open his home to the cats after his grief at the loss of his son at the age of 24, who died in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey Island Parkway

Months after his son’s death, Chris had found a number of sick cats who had settled next to the railroad track and had been able to do so through his work as a train driver.

“There were about 30 cats and I was sick. I knew that if I left her, she would die, so I decided to bring her home with me,” he says.

“I’m a true lover of animals, and in my youth, I had a bunch of rabbits, rodents, and dogs, you name it.

“After the death of my son, these animals gave me something to do,” he says.

After treating the sick cats to the hospital, Chris returned to find more cats by contacting charities and local shelters, and today he has collected 300 cats living with him in one house.

Chris eventually transformed his home into a real cat shelter with all the amenities, play and sunbathing, plus space to play around.

The only place left for him is his 8-foot and 12-foot room, which he uses to sleep and eat.

Chris wakes up every day at seven in the morning, providing the cats with water and food, collecting garbage and preparing grilled chicken for his friendly friends.

He also cares about the health aspect of the cats and the concern to be in good condition and treatment by himself in case of any disease, and if he went to a competent veterinary clinic.

In 2016 the shelter costs $ 101,000 per year, including $ 80,000 for food and utilities, and $ 21,000 for veterinary medicine and care.
“Its exertions, however, I fancy it,” says Chris, adding that he has dedicated his life and everything he has saved for cats.
He explains that his home is large and provides the proper climate for caring for cats and has enough yards, and confirms that he is determined to do everything himself in the first place

And he pays attention to the issue of hygiene, which is a priority in these matters, and that he cares so well with his desire to sterilize floors and wash all objects and objects daily.

He says that once he opens his door in the morning, 50 to 60 cats are waiting for him, and this gives him a feeling of irresistible happiness.

“Most of these cats were attacked or abandoned when they came to my house, so I needed to be able to give them a safe place,” he says.

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