This waitress did what the restaurant owner didn’t do

In a restaurant in a US state, the waitress ran the lunch menu for a man and his wife. Before
they looked at the menu, she was asked to give it to him
The cheapest two platters because they do not have enough money because they did not receive their salaries for several months because of the financial challenges facing the entity who work for it .

The waitress did not think Sarah was long.
She proposed two platoons, and she agreed not to hesitate.
They came to their request and dealt with them

And before they leave a request from the waitress the bill. She returned with a paper inside her wallet, which she wrote: “I paid your bill from my personal account for your circumstances.
This is a $ 100 gift from me and this is the least thing I can do for you. Thank you for your kindness “.

The couple were very happy as they left the restaurant.
It is remarkable that Sarah felt happy
Overpriced to pay the amount of food taboo couple.
Despite their material circumstances

They have been saving for almost a year the value of the washing machine you would like to buy, and any amount you waste will delay the purchase of this device.
They are washed with an old washing machine.

But most of what I store is the scolding of Sarah’s friend when she knew about the subject. She condemned her behavior.
Because she deprived herself and her child of the money they need more than others to buy the washing machine

Before her remorse became apparent after her friend protested her initiative, she received a call from her mother with a loud voice: “What did you do, Sarah?”
She replied in a low voice for fear of unbearable shock ” i did not anything, Facebook is burning with a compliment and a compliment to your behavior. A man and his wife put your message to them on Facebook after I paid the bill for them in their account and many of them. I am proud of you.

She did not end up with her mother until she was contacted by a study friend who indicated that her message was circulating dramatically on all social platforms, As soon as Sarah opened her account via Facebook, hundreds of messages were found by two television producers and two correspondents asking to be interviewed for her good initiative.

The next day Sarah appeared on air in one of America’s most popular shows.
The program was provided by a very luxurious washing machine and a TV set and ten thousand dollars,And the gifts were brought to her until she reached one hundred thousand dollars for her great human behavior.

cost of two meals did not cost her more than twenty-seven dollars + a hundred dollars changed her life
It is not generosity to give what you do not need, but you give what you need most.
Poverty is not poverty of money but poverty of humanity and Theattitudes

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