Passerby saves stray puppy’s life by giving it the kiss of life and CPR

Shopkeer in turkey finds a Husky pup type with no heartbeatn manages tor evive it”, this was a tittle of a video on youtube site.

Already before you watch the video, i found a man who seemed to have passed the youth stage, he was clicking on the heart of a small dog in a strong way (scientifically it is the right way to save the lives of people and animals). he gave breath to the small dog by his mouth and then pressed again on the heart but with a fewer force.

The man continued his humanity and carried the dog to a small sink and gave him oxygen again through the mouth and also poured water on it and for the husky dog to wake up from fainting, the poured watermostly, is a cold water because it is the required water in this case.

At the end of the video, the turkish man for his efforts that the result was that the puppy became in a good shape sitting without the help of the rescuer.

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