What appears in the picture is that these two dogs live well and have great care and do not suffer from anything but are they adoption dogs? Are they rescue dogs who have saved each other or saved a human being or they have been saved themselves?

It is not strange to find two animals united for many years but it may be rare that when the opportunity came for them to live a good life, they did not abandon each other, this is the case of the two puppies above, Leo and Lisa.

Leo and Lisa are beautiful from a beautiful breed of puppies, especially the white female Lisa with black spots in its body.

They lived homeless together in the street barking and searching for waste to eat. They kept living like this until an old woman named Amanda encountered them on her way in Texas.

Amanda first took them to a veterinarian to examine them. After that, when she became sure of their safety from illness, she bought a dog shelter for them then bought also dog food and transferred this to her home.

Leo and Lisa were in the street, sometimes some people help them and other times no one takes care of them until they came across Amanda. Amanda chose the names of the dogs, Lisa and Leo, and she searched about how to raise a dog which enabled her every morning to train Lisa and Leo and she became familiar with the two.

Leo and Lisa are now used to their new nurse, Amanda. In the United States, there are multiple zoos, if Amanda brings them there, they will find a great interest by the responsible of these zoos and will live with other types of animals other than dogs and dogs from other breeds but it is very difficult for them now to accept this transfer since they became familiar with Amanda and they formed with her a trilateral family.

To end, what Amanda did is a lesson for humans to take care of each other and to take care of the rest of the living creatures and what Lisa and Leo did is a lesson for humans and for the rest of the living creatures to co-exist under any circumstances. More facts about dogs

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