Australia Set To Kill Millions Of Feral Cats By ‘Airdropping Poison Sausages’

As an executive measure, the Australian government plans to kill 2 million wild cats by next year.

The government of this country that belongs to the continent of Oceania aims to do this by throwing poisonous sausages.

As information, there is currently an estimated 2 to 6 million number of cats roaming in the land of the Australian country that officials say pose a threat to indigenous wildlife.

More than this, according to the Australian government, the goal of this scheme is to reduce the negative effects of wild predators and increase the flexibility of native species because cats “(always according to the Australian government) damage the productivity of the country’s agriculture sector.


The Australian government accuses cats of being a major contributor to extinction a large number of mammals since their entry to the country by the Europeans.

According to the famous American newspaper “New York Times”, a part of the plan to eliminate the increase in the number of cats is the taste of cats with deadly sausages made of kangaroo meat, fat, herbs, and spices called 1080, which is fatal to animals.

After preparing the sausages, they will be dropped from aircraft in areas where the numbers of stray cats are big.

In its beginning, the project faced a strong refusing reaction in the year 2015 as it sought to kill innocent animals but the Australian government cited scientific evidence of the dangers of cats against agricultural crops,
The government has already tried to shoot stray cats to limit their spread.

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